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Can Frozen Pasta Really Be Fresh? Yes.

Louisa Foods starts all our pasta recipes with whole, fresh ingredients prepped from scratch. Each morning, we cut up vegetables, cook the meat, and pound the dough. Louisa Foods believes fresh ingredients deliver the best flavor. That is what we mean by "Taste the Fresh Difference." Yes, frozen pasta really can be fresh. We make sure of it. 

Why Freshness Matters
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Every Day, Our Pasta Starts From Scratch

  • Doughs mixed from carefully milled wheat
  • Whole vegetables cut, diced and roasted
  • Hard cheeses freshly grated
  • Meats braised and stocks reduced
Our Artisan Difference
Family Favorites

Made With Fresh Ingredients

Every product we make starts with a question, “What’s the best way?” Because the choices Louisa Foods make affects the meals you serve, we choose fresh ingredients and authentic methods, every day to create the favorites you will love serving your family.

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It's not a secret. It's just hard work.

The Louisa Foods Way has been developed from decades of experience. Making great pasta takes time and effort. No shortcuts allowed. We chop, grate, roast, and braise every day.

That means that when you serve Louisa pasta, you are serving pasta made the authentic way from the freshest ingredients. Just add your personal touch and enjoy!

A photo of the Baldetti family

The craft of making fresh pasta has been passed down over four generations of the Baldetti family.

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What is next?

We really love pasta and are always looking for new and better ways to bring it to more people.

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You’re the chef

Like to experiment in the kitchen? Test out some of these pairing ideas and add your own touch!