tortellini pasta with roasted vegetables

Everything Louisa Foods Make Starts Fresh

Louisa Foods is a scratch-kitchen producer meaning all our pasta and fillings are made in-house, and from raw ingredients. Our commitment to in-house preparation includes braising meats, roasting vegetables, grating cheese and reducing stock. Furthermore, Louisa Foods chooses ingredients you would find in your own home. We could take shortcuts, as others might, but at Louisa Foods we believe "Freshness Matters."

square ravioli with tomato sauce
a bottle of olive oil being drizzled over tomatoes, cheese and basil

"Fresh" and "Frozen" Are Not Contrary Ideas

Our pasta is made fresh, but to maintain that freshness for when they are enjoyed, Louisa Foods freezes our products. Freezing is a natural process that locks in flavor and nutrients. When you taste our pasta or appetizers at home, it has the same texture, quality and freshness as if you made it from scratch in your own kitchen.

Evolving Pasta


Our chefs do things differently

At Louisa, it’s not about making the most pasta, it’s about making the best pasta.

pasta being made in a factory
Attention to Detail

Our chefs apply small-batch cooking methods to create products that taste like they were made one at a time.

salmon with a side of tri-colored pasta
Restaurant Quality

Louisa products are featured in some of the nation’s top restaurants and our chefs have extensive restaurant experience.

A wedge of Parmesan cheese on a cutting board
Exceptional Ingredients

The best Romano cheese comes from Italy—so our Romano cheese comes Italy. We use the best, because it matters.

OUR Products
a Louisa chef cutting into a wheel of Parmesan cheese

The Louisa Foods Scratch Kitchen

Here, fresh onions, celery and carrots are chopped and simmered in our kettles. USDA cuts of meat are ground and slowly braised. Garlic and other vegetables are roasted in our ovens.

In our cheese preparation room, domestic and imported cheeses imported from Italy, are grated fresh daily. Soft cheeses, such as mozzarella and Swiss, are shredded.

Then, “Louisa-prepared” meats, vegetables, and cheeses are carefully seasoned, following instructions established by our in-house chefs.

No. 1 semolina and extra fancy durum flour are locally milled and custom-blended, then slowly kneaded with fresh eggs and water, thinly sheeted, and formed around our fillings by skilled pasta makers.

The Louisa Way—carefully handling select ingredients by talented artisans highly trained in traditional pasta making—is the reason we can proudly say, “Taste the Fresh Difference.”

Louisa is not just one person.

While we use the latest technology to help run our factory, we believe that the best results are achieved by skilled people who take pride in their work.

About Us
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