platter with toasted ravioli, salami and olives

Where pasta is always in progress.

We love pasta. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to enjoy it. Which ingredients can we try next? How can we reimagine a family favorite? From our famous Toasted Ravioli to new innovations yet to come, we can’t wait to cook something special with you.

toaster ravioli platter

Evolving Toasted Ravioli

When we first introduced Toasted Ravioli in the 1960’s, it was an instant hit—but we didn’t stop there. Over the years, we’ve kept exploring new ways to make our legendary recipe even better.

The History of Louisa Toasted Ravioli

St. Louis is famous for Louisa Toasted Ravioli. Stuffed, breaded, fried and dippable, this unusual pasta has been a local favorite for generations.


All Pasta. All Day.

Louisa’s approach to updating pasta means thinking about pasta from every angle, every day.

Pasta that has been textured into a unique shape
Pasta Appearance

We engineer our own pasta dies to create unique shapes and sizes.

pasta with cracked black pepper
Pasta Texture

We consider flour type and egg/water ratio to create the ideal bite.

Toasted ravioli opened with the ingredients showing
Pasta Filling

We research ingredient trends, then create unique recipes from scratch.