Evolving Pasta

Evolving Pasta

Louisa’s approach in updating and evolving pasta goes through different stages.

Ravioli Appearance

Louisa culinary team analyzes alternative shapes and sizes based on market trends and customer requests. We then collaborate collectively with our Italian equipment manufacturers to engineer new ravioli dies to provide an original and sophisticated look.

Pasta Texture

Louisa has implemented 2 different approaches into the pasta making process. Laminate process and Bronze Die Process greatly affect the end result of the product from a texture and appearance standpoint. The choice of one process over the other is strictly determined by the customer vision of the overall look of the product and by the customer requirements from a restaurant operational point of view. Other factors that our culinary team screens to determine the organoleptic characteristics of the product are the type of flour, egg/water percentage used in the pasta, which are also driven by customer feedback and criteria.

Pasta Filling

Creating a filling is probably the most intense research and development process in our factory. It begins with selecting the freshest ingredients to convey that mouthwatering taste that lingers on your taste buds. From roasting butternut squash, poaching fresh salmon filets, zesting lemons on micro-planes, grating fresh cheeses and meat braising to in-house stocks and reductions we go through great efforts in order to preserve that homemade flavor that speaks to your heart. Our research and development department also assesses the introduction of original imported ingredients based on the US market trends and market penetration capability.

Louisa’s objective is to inspire you to new culinary boundaries and to give the ability to stand out in your own unique way.