Company History

A History of Excellence

Fill your pasta with the finest in-house prepared ingredients and make it with passion. This simple but strong ideology is what launched Louisa Foods in 1964. With the help of his Italian born father Ferdinando, John Baldetti and Louisa Foods found initial success by supplying local St.Louis restaurateurs with their signature product, the Toasted Beef Ravioli.

After 50 years of experience and continuous growth, Louisa Foods has evolved into one of the larger manufacturers of filled pastas in the United States. By holding true to the same culinary and business operating principles, Louisa Foods is able to live up to that simple idea of filling pasta with passion every single day.

Join us in celebrating our decorated past and shaping our future within the filled pasta industry. Enjoy and explore what Louisa has to offer and let’s start making history together. Welcome to Louisa Foods.